Preparing for my first visit

Theresa’s first visit will be be a fact finding mission. She offers a holistic approach to treatment and rehabilitation and take the following actions to make sure her treatment plan will include everything you need to achieve the independence

Theresa will:

  1. Collect Consent forms
  2. Make sure she has a full medical history, from review of written notes and images you have available for her to review, and from asking questions to you and your family members / carers who are available at this time
  3. Assessment of your needs in your home environment – stairs and steps, transfers (wheelchair to bed, bath or toilet)
  4. Physical assessment of your strength, balance, mobility and flexibility
  5. Discuss with you any issues and problems you need help with
  6. Show you exercises to work on either on your own or with help from family / caregivers
  7. Setup the next appointment

On subsequent visits Theresa will:

  • Ask how you are doing
  • Re-assess mobility, strength, balance and flexibility
  • Hands-on treatment (massage, manipulation, Muscle Stimulator
  • Modify your treatment plan as required
  • Update you on progress

Please see the FAQs for more information