What to Expect

Theresa is a licensed physical therapist who will come to your Langley home and provide a full range of assessments and treatments to help get you moving again

Treatment will include

  • Assessment – balance / strength / flexibility
  • Education
  • Hands on Manual Therapy to mobilize tissues and joints
  • Myofascial Release to restore / heal tissue
  • Posture / Breathing
  • Home Exercise Program

Theresa will also audit your home environment, offering advice on modifications to help you keep your mobility and independence

Case Study

A daughter called to ask for help for her 98 year old mother who had taken a fall 2 weeks earlier in her apartment in a retirement residence

The daughter was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start so over the phone I explained how I function and how appointment work. She booked an appointment

The mother had been in hospital for 2 weeks, and had been given no rehabilitation exercises as she was in pain. This let to more weakness

When her mother was discharge, the daughter moved her mother to a facility thinking it would provide more help. This sadly was not the case because her mother could not independently transfer (t/f), so she could not go back home

The daughter was distraught about getting the right help

At the assessment, I spent time discussing options of resources for care and the best devices to rent i.e. walkers, bars, floor to ceiling pole, toilet seat.

As part of the session, giving information to caregivers/family is critical to reassure, to give them confidence and know their parent is well looked after.

As the main goal was to get the mother to independently transfer and become independent, focus was on practising sit to stand and t/f and then teach exercises to do on own. I involved the daughter in all aspects of the session to learn and ask questions.

During the session, daughter contacted the care aide company while I was present to confirm information and assist to ask the correct questions.

At the end of the session, the daughter and her mother had a plan in place, had education, information and exercises to continue to strength to regain her independence.