What Should I Know About Walking in the Colder Weather?

Let’s face it, even if we prefer to drive in the colder weather, walking outside isn’t completely avoidable, even if it is just from the car to where we are going!   

Walking in the colder weather can pose a few extra variables that we should take into account in order to avoid falling.  With the thermometer dipping in the Langley and the Fraser Valley, a thin layer of ice that is difficult to see often forms on the ground and decreases the friction between your foot and the ground. Too little friction means it is easier to slip. This thin layer of ice is often more dangerous to walk on than snow! In order to improve your friction and avoid slipping, take these few tips into account and keep yourself upright and safe until you get your feet back on solid ground:

  • Wear footwear with good grip
  • Hang onto something when you walk! This might be a handrail, the arm of your family member or friend, or a cane or walker if you use one
  • Take smaller steps and shuffle rather than fully lifting your foot with each step
  • Go slow! Give yourself extra time to avoid rushing when getting somewhere
  • Avoid talking or being on the phone when walking in order to focus on your foot placement
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets to help with balance

Heeding these few tips can certainly sharpen your ability to navigate walking outside as our thermometer drops and we head into winter.

If you need more tips and ideas or have a specific problem with your walking, why not give me a call at 604-726-4609 for an in-home physiotherapy session and prepare yourself for the inevitable winter walking weather ahead!